Wedding Photography Tips


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17 Responses to “Wedding Photography Tips”

  1. aberturepriority

    I’m curious, how do you feel about the Df? I’m looking into getting that
    since it has the same sensor as the D4 for less than half the price. I was
    considering the d610 originally, but the ISO capabilities of the Df is kind
    of difficult to pass up.

  2. Faymusmedia

    Thanks! Yes I would say the 5D mark III or the 1DX. My goal is to get a 1DX
    or 5D mark III in the coming months to provide some canon content on the

  3. Simon Anderson

    Great video and very informative. You have a great persona for making these
    videos. Will be doing my first wedding in a months time with a Nikon D7100
    and Nikon D300s for back up but after your comments of the D7100 not
    recommending it for weddings my confidence has just dropped 🙁 Keep up the
    great work though

  4. Jorge Arturo

    Thank you, your videos are very informative and educational (unlike other
    phily photographer which name I don’t need to say). Please continue the
    good work and taking the time for these kind of videos.

  5. Faymusmedia

    Thanks Antonio. I shot this on a D4 @ ISO 8000 and a 24-70mm 2.8G.

  6. l67swap1

    Excellent video, covers all key areas with no bs.. very professional.. keep
    up the great work bro!

  7. d3eusebio

    For the Canon users, I’d obviously recommend the Canon 5D Mark III or Canon
    6D. Great quick to the point video.

  8. Antonio Alcala

    Love your channel, even though I dont shoot weddings, what lens did you use
    for the video? Thx!

  9. Faymusmedia

    Thanks Simon!

  10. Faymusmedia

    Thanks very much! I have some more videos coming. My goal is to provide
    informative videos to help other photographers.

  11. B. Jack

    LOL what thee f*K? Come on recording right next to moving cars/trucks?

  12. Faymusmedia

    Thanks Mohammad. I am glad I was able to help.

  13. Mohammad Al-Lawati

    Thank you, helped alot =)

  14. B. Jack


  15. Faymusmedia

    Thanks buddy, and thanks for looking out. I definitely will, It was kinda
    risky but figured it would be a good video LOL

  16. animeguyXL2

    Good video bro, Even though wedding isn’t what I’m pursuing it is still a
    very useful tip. Thanks for the good info. PS Please be careful on the side
    of the road like this.

  17. B. Jack

    The drunk guy at the end kinda looks like the blonde kid from Breakfast
    club 😀