Storytime with Joe – Wedding Photography with Joe Buissink


Video clip Ranking: four / 5

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5 Responses to “Storytime with Joe – Wedding Photography with Joe Buissink”

  1. Peter Kelly

    Would love to do a second shoot with him

  2. apo5

    My mentor 🙂

  3. Jo mitchell

    beautiful stories, fantastc photographer!!!

  4. Rocco1521

    You inspire me so much!

  5. mike fotomojo

    im 42 and ive just started photography my past has been one of hardship to
    say the least , and listening to you has given me hope ,i have a 7Dcanon
    430 xii flash 24-105mm 50 mm 18-200mm 18 55 mm that im loaning to learn and
    god willing i become even 50 percent as good as you god bless you, you are
    a great human being and a great teacher luv ya bro from Australia .you are
    my mentor you shine as a person and as a photographer all the best from