How to Create Dramatic Lighting in Portrait Photography


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21 Responses to “How to Create Dramatic Lighting in Portrait Photography”

  1. Ahmed Basim


  2. Benji Tilleman

    thanks 4 al the tips in your videos man always learning more thanks to you

  3. wyattlaw


  4. LearnMyShot


  5. wyattlaw

    What is the name of the white paper used for the dramatic effect?

  6. G Jassem

    Thanks for this useful and simple video

  7. abhiasole2405

    🙂 thank you, im learning it, picked up as a hobby i mostly use editors
    since i find it kind of difficult to acquire such hardware

  8. LearnMyShot

    yes phone should do it. no problem

  9. abhiasole2405

    hey hi, i really enjoy your videos and aim to replicate some of them
    myself. My question is, can this be done with a simple camera? like a phone
    camera or a point and shoot one?

  10. عوض العازمي

    welcome to My shaaaaat daat caaaam !

  11. Vinod Neelagiri

    Ha ha.. Nice Halloween effect

  12. Martin Hugo Magnin

    Thank you!

  13. Antonio Ruiz


  14. mrRapkis

    Your videos are really amazing. I’ve been here since your early days (I’m
    pretty sure). I love how you show bad shots aswell, seems more explanatory.
    I also enjoyed the end 😀 One thing I don’t really like (my personal
    opinion) is the transitions (like the star ones etc.) It just doesn’t look
    very professional. But I really love everything else. Keep it up!

  15. MrEltel63

    Your tutorials are always good Mr grant…..thank you 🙂

  16. LearnMyShot

    thanks James, check out the blog we post things there a little more often.
    (link in description)

  17. Matias dos Santos

    Woooow nice



  19. James Moore

    Always enjoy your videos and find them very informative. Unfortunately (for
    me) the videos don’t come often enough. Best regards.

  20. Pepe Arcano

    my shat dat cam!!!!!!!!!

  21. LearnMyShot