Children’s Portrait Photography with Tamara Lackey: Introduction – Part 1


Video clip Ranking: three / five

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15 Responses to “Children’s Portrait Photography with Tamara Lackey: Introduction – Part 1”

  1. dontommyg

    This is not about how to photograph, this is about setting up a business in it. Tamara is a seasoned pro. No one will show you how to photograph like a pro, its all about practice and wanting to improve on all aspects. But if you want to take photos and earn income for years listen to her. She really knows what she’s doing. Tamara is an inspiration. Like they say photography is only 20% of a photography business. To be successful you need to know that 80% really well. Thanks creativelive!

  2. caninlon

    7 mins in…I’m bored!! Children photography or peoples biographies??? See ya!

  3. caninlon

    2 mins in…what’s this guy yapping about…get on with it!!

  4. pieris87

    we dont care about your life lady!!!! just talk about photography

  5. Emma Patterson

    it’s an intro to an awesome multi-day program, tons of shooting and lighting in detail, very worth it. check out what’re ur even commenting on, it’s just the intro part.

  6. pabsoul

    I’m sorry but this video does not have anything to do with the title, waste of time.

  7. monoseb

    holy shit she did everything , not a bad life..

  8. Wilson Thomas


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  10. TheSydlicous

    @Ziplock9000 Please,I beg you not to call Tamara’s videos terrible. I am her eldest daughter Sophie’s closest and life-long friend. There is really nothing negative to say about Tamara, she is such a wonderful

  11. Ziplock9000

    Wow.. this is terrible and has nothing to do with the title.

  12. Ralf Khayal

    I was hoping to see more not to hear alot.Thx4sharing your private life here.

  13. ZeroG84

    FUCK! First actual photo shown 27:01
    No wonder Chase took off! I hope there is no Part 2.

  14. eatpepsimobile

    this show is useless !

  15. andycivil

    This is not about photographing children, it’s about Tamara Lackey. I learned nothing.