Casey Sykes Becomes Successful in Photography


Casey Sykes, a 2013 graduate, can proudly claim to be an Associate Press’s photographer now.

Sykes was chosen to be a part of the Associate Press for covering the Paralympics event that recently took place in Brazil.

There was a group of photographers and writers, and all of them were students. Skyes joined the group after he applied for the position. Although now, while recalling this important episode of his life he said that he was on the verge of missing this opportunity. He had got an email from Mark Johnson, a professor of photojournalism and through that email, he got to know that he should try to go for the event. Apparently, he was very confused, and when he decided to apply for it, he did it all within a span of one day.
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True animal wonders in wildlife photography competition


From penguins relishing the wintery atmosphere or monkeys being playful with each other – these were some of the magnificent photographs among the finalists of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year People’s Choice. These shots clearly reveal the magic of lizards, penguins as well as endearing monkeys when photographers turn their shooters on them. The beauty of the animal world has a lot to offer.

Bandipur National Park

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A platform to business


Designing a website is a simple task for you, if you are a professional website designer. A designer must be so keen on bringing the development of the site, when he is assigned to. Whatever the business maybe, you must surely employ the perfect designer to design the site. Your business can reach the market and can stand at zenith amidst various competitors in your business only through the design of the site. Designing of the site is much important. This should definitely be handled to the one who possesses much experience as well as knowledge in the desired field.

On the Web

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Rembrandt style artistic portrait photography – light and colour photoshop tips


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NCAA veteran Rich Clarkson clicking for sixty years


Rich Clarkson, the official photographer for NCAA, and has been keeping tracks of sporting events, mainly college basketball’s Final 4, since the 50s. Now at the age of 82, he has decided that this year is his last.

With over forty covers for Sports Illustrated under his belt, Rich Clarkson has been scoring in the field of sports photography since the start of his career. He also practiced the craft off the court, working as the photography director for the National Geographic from the year 1985 to 1988 and saw that his experience there was basically universal.

In a recent interview with a leading news channel, he told that you are primarily a photojournalist, and whether it is sports or natives in Africa – they are all the same thing. He told his very first photograph for seventy five cents, and is finishing his Final 4 career with snaps which go for approximately US$ 5000 each. Continue reading ‘NCAA veteran Rich Clarkson clicking for sixty yearsrgb’

How to Take Portraits with Joe Sinnott | Portrait Photography


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Wedding And Portrait Photography Advertising And Marketing Your Business On The Internet

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Wildlife photographer Steve Gifford becomes a part of preservation board


Steve Gifford, the area wildlife photographer, is well known for an image that he clicked of 2 baby bobcats at Columbia Mine Preserve located near Oakland City. Well, now Gifford is gliding all his talent to another level. Steve is all set to be a part of the board of directors at Sycamore Land Trust preservation house.

Sycamore Land Trust questioned him to be a part of his team earlier in the fall. He told that he has collaborated with the SLT on different conservation plans and he has got an appreciation for the way it deals with.

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